How we work

We understand and know how difficult it can be just to make that phone call to get support. This is why when you ring us we will ask you about what type of help you are looking for. If you would like to attend counselling, support groups, workshops, or mother and children workshops  at Woman’s Trust, we will just take some basic information about you.

It is important for us to find out a bit about you and what is happening, to explain how counselling works and for you to ask us any questions you might have. For this reason we set up an appointment to meet with you at the start before the counselling or support groups begin. At the meeting, we can also talk about the location that would be best for you to go to for counselling, as we work at a range of different venues across London. After this meeting, if you decide you want counselling then your name would be added to the waiting list and when a slot becomes free you will be contacted by a counsellor.

The workshops don’t require an initial meeting, the groupworker will discuss the topic and see if it is what you are looking for. If you want to come to a workshop ring our West London office on 020 7034 0303.

Woman’s Trust services are delivered by trainee or professional counsellors/psychotherapists and staff through a variety of community, health and family projects. Woman’s Trust provides confidential independent services.

These services were developed to meet the specific needs of women affected by domestic violence being client led and person-centred.

Woman’s Trust counsellors and group workers aim to provide empathy to all clients regardless of client context and experience. Counsellors and group workers do not set themselves up as “experts” on their clients and aim to work in a client focused and collaborative way at all times.

Through our mental health services Woman’s Trust demonstrates a new approach and way of thinking by providing services combining counselling, self-development and support. Woman’s Trust services are non-judgemental and person-centred, providing an external network of support for women.

This is an innovative area of work, there are few services currently providing this support across the community in London. To the best of our knowledge WT continues to be one of the few providing women led, client centred and focussed specialist domestic violence mental health services, available across the community London wide.