Thank you for Growing Your Tenner for us!

A big thank you to all who donated to the Grow Your Tenner Campaign this year! We have raised £1,560 (plus more from direct debit sign up!) which is fantastic and will help enable our workshop programme to continue in 2018!

We would like to thank every single one of you for your kind support and particularly wanted to mention Finchley Golf Club ladies and City of London Women’s Inclusive Network for your generous donations.

Thank you also to Somerville Scarves who donated three wonderful prizes to the campaign – the lucky winners will be notified shortly!

The women we support will be delighted at the news that we have more funding for workshops and we wanted to share this powerful testimonial with you to show just how important your donations are in helping women recover from domestic abuse:

“Woman’s Trust does not just rebuild us so we can move on with our lives. It does not just rebuild us so we can be survivors. It rebuilds us because we have to be fighters. And our fight is the continuing protection of ourselves and those we are responsible for. So, even when I am told time and again that I must be silent, I take the voice that Woman’s Trust has helped me re-find, and I use it. I speak out.”


Illustration by Laura Berger