Support Groups

What is a Support Group?

A Support Group is a space where:

  • You can share your life stories with other women who have had similar experiences
  • You can feel less alone and isolated
  • Confidence and self-esteem can be built
  • You are not judged but accepted for who you are
  • Differences are cherished and honoured and not discriminated against
  • You are encouraged to be positive and confident about yourself, your children and your relationships
  • You will learn the techniques of using support and about other services such as counselling

The Support Groups are two hours in length and are provided once a week over a block of 8 sessions.

We ask you to commit to attending all of the 8 sessions with the option to return for a further block if you would like more support.

Childcare grants for certified childminders or nurseries can be arranged for clients with young children .

Support groups are available to women from all London boroughs. There are four morning groups and two evening groups divided between East and West London

For further information, please contact the office on 020 7034 0303/0304

Client testimonial;
“One of the hardest things going through an abusive relationship is the isolation you feel.  The feeling that people can’t relate to you or can’t understand what you are going through. I found a great support system with friends and family, and I will forever be grateful for their attention and love. But when I went to the support groups, I felt like I finally found the support I needed. This group showed me that it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to feel helpless; but we are also reminded that we have each other, and that we are in a room where no one judges each other. At the end of each session I felt this sense of calm in me; as if I had let out all the worries that I had kept inside of me, just bubbling inside.  Just when you think you are the one ‘going crazy’ you are reminded that we are just hurt. I wish only the best to all the women I met in the support groups.  They have been a great influence in my life.  I am also incredibly thankful to the counsellor who showed compassion like no one else I had met before. These groups were my escape and they have allowed me to finally have some closure for this terrible event in my life.”