Making a referral will only take about five minutes and we will require the following information from you or client’s can self refer to us directly.

Make sure you have the client’s consent before contacting us.

We will ask you for the client’s name, address, contact details, date of birth, if she has children and any other special needs.  Any other information we will collect at the initial assessment.

What we do
We are an independent, confidential and client-led service for women experiencing Domestic Violence. This is important for our clients as often they want to be able to talk about what is happening without fear that this information will be shared with others.

We provide:

counselling (18 one-to-one sessions)
support groups

We do not share any information with anyone or any agency without the client’s consent. For the counselling service we follow the BACP Ethcial Framework for the Counselling Professions (2016). We appreciate that as professionals you may be working to a slightly different approach, our focus is the woman. We have our own policies and procedures that we follow, such as child protection issues.

Our Expertise
Since its inception, Woman’s Trust has developed expertise in delivering services which meet the real needs of women and children affected by domestic violence. This has been done through the Woman’s Trust unique approach, combining Person-Centred therapeutic support with client-led services development. Woman’s Trust adopted this approach as being the most likely to enable positive outcomes and the empowerment of women who are affected by domestic violence.

Our monitoring has indeed shown this approach to be extremely successful, we currently provide services to over 300 women per year, per site. Woman’s Trust is staffed by a team of domestic violence professionals with many years experience, all trained therapists. Woman’s Trust counsellors are also provided with specialist in-house training on domestic violence issues and effective counselling methods.

Woman’s Trust is recognised by other domestic violence agencies, projects as a provider of high quality, professional mental health services for women affected by domestic violence and as a provider of training for front-line workers. Woman’s Trust has strong links with the Greater London Domestic Violence Project and other domestic violence and Women’s service providers across London including Woman’s Aid, the Metropolitan Police, Health Care providers and the Domestic Violence crisis line. All these service providers refer to Woman’s Trust.