Is it Happening to You?

Do you ever feel frightened by your partner/family member?

Does your partner/family member ever hurt you or make you feel bad?

Do you feel unable to tell anyone that no one understands?

Sometimes a partner or person close to you can behave in a way that is frightening or makes you feel depressed and very low.

  • They may threatening you or humiliate you in front of other, damage your belongings or property
  • They may control what you do or how you use money
  • They may follow you or visit you without your consent
  • They may use their culture, religion or personal problems as an excuse for their behaviour
  • They may push, bully, slap, kick, punch or cause serious injury to you
  • They may force you to have sex when you don’t want to
  • They may force you to make decisions you don’t agree with
  • They may threaten you and make you fear for your own safety

This behaviour can make you feel:

  • Unable to talk to family or friends, felling lonely and isolated
  • Depressed, suicidal, ashamed or guilty and can make you lose your confidence
  • There is no way out of this relationship
  • You deserve to be treated this way
  • Worried how your children will be affected by your situation

What can I do?

Domestic abuse is unacceptable. Everyone has a right to be safe from any type of abuse.

Tell someone

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger of being hurt, call the Police on 999.

If you feel unsafe in your home because of the abuse that is happening, it is important to talk to someone.

Services available 

Woman’s Trust can offer you one-to-one counselling, weekly support groups and self-development workshops to address the emotional and mental health affects you experience because of the abuse.

Other services available:

Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Services 
Contact your local authority to find the local service in your area

Housing & Legal
Refuge Advice Line , Tel. 0870 599 5443
For women looking for emergency accommodation

Women’s Aid National Helpline, Tel. 0808 2000 247
General information and advice on emergency housing for women affected by domestic violence

Jewish Women’s Aid,Tel. 0800 591 203
Help for Jewish women

Southall Black Sisters,Tel. 020 8571 9595
Services for Black and Asian women

Legal Advice
Rights of Women, Tel.  020 7251 6577
Free legal advice service

Victim Support Helpline,  Tel.0845 303 0900
helps people cope with the effects of crime, provides free and confidential support and information to help to deal with the experience of crime

Citizen Advice Bureau,  Tel. 020 7833 2181
service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice

Mary Ward Centre, Tel. 020 7831 7079
Free, independent advice to people who live and work in London to help them access their legal rights and entitlement