General Information

About us

Woman’s Trust was formed in 1996 by female domestic violence survivors and counsellors to provide local specialist mental health support for women affected by domestic violence/abuse in London. We understand that domestic abuse damages women’s mental health and makes them vulnerable to substance misuse, post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD), depression, isolation, self-harm and suicidal ideation. Woman’s Trust’s objective is to empower women to overcome the debilitating effects of domestic abuse and regain control by improving their mental health. We enable clients to move on from their past, make good choices, better support their children, play an active role in the community and live free from abuse.

Our Services

We provide free, women-only, client-led services to women affected by domestic abuse in locations across East and West London. We offer hardship travel and childcare grants to enable access to all women.

Services include:

Person-centred one-to-one counsellingOne initial assessment session and then up to 18 sessions, at times and local venues to suit clients.  We want women to regain their voice, feel valued and able to move on from abuse; resulting in better life chances for them and their children.

Self-development workshopsOne day workshops for women to learn about types of abuse and the effects on survivors and their children. They learn strategies for staying safe, addressing their emotions and planning for the future.

Support Groups – These are peer support groups that run in 8 week blocks. The aim is to help women overcome the social isolation that domestic abuse can create.  Recent client feedback has led us to initiating two evening groups for working women.