Hear from our Clients

“I’m glad I was referred to Woman’s Trust as the support I had from them was excellent, they helped me realise that nothing was my fault and that I was made to feel how I did through my ex partner wanting to control me through harming me physically, mentally and emotionally I feel stronger in myself regarding relationships and don’t feel needy as I did before. I’ve finally learnt that I need to love and look after myself not the other people like I’ve always used to do and I’ve learnt that I exist and as long as I’m happy with me that is all that really matters.”


“I was one of those “it could never happen to me” feminist women. Then it did happen, and all of my knowings were knocked sideways. Thanks to my Woman’s Trust counselling I can now see the abusive nature of some of my earliest family relationships and understand how it came to seem “normal” to be shouted at, controlled, given drugs, etc. It took the punch of a lover to recognise the punch of a brother and to know that both are wrong, that I may be small & female but I’m also able to be strong and protect myself before I go out tackling the world’s bigger wrongs and bullies. Really appreciate this service.”


“It’s been hard accepting the time given was my time. It was a relief talking knowing I didn’t have to live/ talk up to expectations. It was positive knowing I could talk openly and not be judged. My counsellor was kind, patient and gave me consistency – things I value deeply. It was a break to have a space for my thoughts and feel like I was still a person with interests and hopes.

Talking about some things were painful but knowing I could trust my counsellor helped me to face some things I didn’t want to and some things I didn’t even realise – I held a lot of emotions.

I am in a much happier place- mind and see some more things I would like to explore at a later date, once I move house and am back to work. Knowing that I might be able to access this service in the future and how positive the experience was has given me assurance that I have the ability and resources to access support later on. I feel less alone.”