Client Feedback

Counselling Service

“Before I had counselling I was having nightmares, was feeling anxious a lot and felt low and unconfident. Since then I applied for and got a promotion at work and have started a new relationship. I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m happy and enjoy life and I finally believe that I deserve that. I can’t really explain how much happier and confident I feel now”.

“During my counselling at one point I felt at a crisis point due to mental health issues, I considered giving up my child to social services and going into a psychiatric hospital. It was the counselling sessions that supported me and enabled me to keep my sanity.”

“I was attacked several times by an ex that refused to be an ex. I suffered years of every kind of abuse. I felt that I was worthless and had no confidence and was having flashbacks of the rape and thought I wish I’d never said anything. My counsellor taught me ways to deal with the flashbacks and the nightmares as I was frightened to sleep at night.”

“The biggest change has been my assertiveness- my confidence, my self esteem. I have decided to do a degree. My relationship with my children have improved tremendously. I feel I am happy. I think about problems and deal with them. I know I have made so much improvement, my health, more active, feeling so happy”

Support Groups

“Finding a reflection of myself within this space has helped me. Hearing echoes of what I have experienced has been very useful to my personal growth”.

“Being able to talk to others who understand your feelings and don’t judge is so important. I needed this. I thought I was the only one. I thought it was my fault”.


“Hearing other people’s experience of domestic violence and identifying with them has been a lifeline. Now I don’t feel alone and isolated or ashamed of it”.

“It was important to me to hear an acknowledgement of the types of abuse and to recognise in other women things that I’ve experienced. It made me feel less of a victim and more that what I’ve been feeling is a consequence of the situation and the behaviours I experienced.”


Woman’s Trust wants to do all it can to raise awareness of the effects of domestic violence, and how we can help. The more we can raise awareness, the more women like you will come forward to get the benefit of our service, the more funding we can get, and the more we can change society’s attitudes. If you have used our services (Counselling/Workshops/Support Groups), you can help us do this by writing about your experience. If you would like to leave feedback, please click here


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